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With a 2% explosion per transfer, Dynamite is the best explosive cryptocurrency ever!


  • The Lowest Supply

  • The Highest Burn Rate

  • Only 900,000 DYNMT exist and 2% is burnt with every transfer.

  • The most crowded, efficient and active community among deflationary currencies. Our precious and unique community is growing day by day. ( Telegram: 22K+ Twitter: 19K+ )

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A Few Words From Our Community

“I think this project will be successful as transparency and safety is exactly what we need to strengthen the crypto world. Team is very strong and does everything wisely. Good luck team…”

- Sergey Lesko

“Dynamite – wonderful project which is worth paying attention to! It includes an interesting idea, a strong close-knit team of professionals, and a well-coordinated work – and these are the main components of great success! I recommend this project to you”

– Dima Paun

“Dynamite has an experienced team and unique ideas. Both investors and ordinary users would benefit from your project. Wish you all the success. A very good and reliable company with incredible plans for the future and really good prospects. Let’s join now”

– Kathy

“Dynamite is an excellent project from a very promising team, the guys are really engaged in the project and its development and popularization”

– AlexBTC

“There are a lot of deflationary tokens in the market. DYNMT stands out with a clear vision and a great team and community. DYNMT offers unique features and benefits to holders and the entire crypto world”

– iyke Emmanuel

“Interesting project with big goals ahead! The project looks promising and there is a professional team working on it.”

– ahsan Mahmood

“This will certainly be a successful project as it has a great team that is more than qualified and focused on making this project a success.”

– Yuliya
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What data do we expect to obtain from this social experiment?

 -Will DYNAMITE surpass Bitcoin’s value or not? If yes, when and what will the supply be ?
 – Will DYNAMITE hit  200 USD in 2 years?
 – Will DYNAMITE price go up while the supply is decreasing?
 – When will all the DYNAMITE tokens run out?
 – Can DYNAMITE Token enter the top 100 token/coins on CMC and become a global currency?
 – Can DYNAMITE overcome token the issue of token velocity ?

DYNMT has a vision to become one of the most well-known deflationary currencies of the decentralized crypto-currency world.


DYNMT can be obtained for free through our airdrops, telegram games and twitter contests.


DYNMT is an open-sourced and community-driven social experiment. Participating in this experiment does not guarantee return of investment. Tokens are not intended to act as a security in any jurisdiction.



There are a number of scams and fake projects out there which is why we do not have an ICO sale. Please be aware of fake sites trying to imitate us and refer only to our official channels. Dynamite Token offers 540,000 tokens to the public free of charge and there is no commercial activity or purpose to the project.


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